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Leadership is one of the most difficult aspects of your career to master well. Many master it but not well and many more never master it and yet they remain in positions where leadership is critical to the success of programmes. projects and country offices. 

Though my course in ono-to-one leadership coaching we will work together to define ffirst the most appropriate style of leadership that suits you and then develop your own personal style and flare. 

There are several steps below in a timeline that is an outline of basic steps to success. Before we start we will develop the content and progress of these steps and then work through them in your own time. 

This is a 6 step programme where we set a goal to achieve and then the steps you take to achive that goal. Each step will have a set of indicators that we set and measure in order to evaluate your progress. We also develop a logical framework to visually outline our approach and then how we go about achieving the end result. 

Leadership is an ephemeral thing. You either have it or you don’t. It is not something that you can invent in yourself. It has to be there and before we embark on this course we evaluate together whether you have the spirit of leadership in your make up and then decide to pursue it or go in a different direction.   

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